Welcome back! It's time to complete the journey at last! The Final Route began on 11/11 at 1:11pm Eastern.

Once you complete a test, replace the last part of the URL with the answer - all answers are lowercase! (The answer to get to the first test is startfinalr, so you will start at http://riddle2.nirajsanghvi.com/startfinalr)

The journey is not very technical, though you may occasionally need to view the source for additional information. The "Stuck?" page may help you find clues you need.

If you are completely lost, smittyriddle@gmail.com may be able to help, but no help will be given until someone finishes the race!

Good luck! ...you'll need it.

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See who has completed the final route.

This riddle is a Dave Fymbo and Niraj Sanghvi creation.